Green Building and Highpointe DBR

Green Building is the practice of sustainable construction which seeks to minimize the impact of a building on the environment by maximizing efficiency over the long term. While Sustainable Building has been gaining in popularity for years, the term “green building” is thrown around fairly loosely these days. Many otherwise well-intentioned contractors who purport to build green, but who often have little understanding of “Green Construction” use the term as a marketing phrase or to denote efficiency and to attempt to set themselves apart in the marketplace. To truly be Green, projects must have a very minimal impact on their surrounding environment and maximize the health and enjoyment of the occupants all while operating at a high level of efficiency. These sorts of projects are truly to be considered “Green Buildings”.

The leader in Sustainable or Green Building in the US is the U.S. Green Building Council which has developed and refined the LEED rating system to objectively measure sustainability. LEED certification requires an objective review of the building and its components and considers its use of water, power, and energy in order to save money, while also considering longevity and environmental factors to ensure a healthy living space. In 2008, members of our team built Northwest Florida’s first LEED Certified “Silver” rated residence and Highpointe DBR has been a member of USGBC since our first days in business.

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